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The Cloud Holy Grail!

The Cloud Holy Grail!

125.00 ₪מחיר
The awsome trio, The best a business can get, and in the lowest price on earth and in the clouds:
1. Google Apps Account.
2. Spanning Backup Account.
3. Migration Services.

One small price for your budget, One giant leap for your business!
  • Details

    The dream package that will empower you business!
    Here's what we will do for you:
    1. Create a Google Apps primary account and setup all DNS records.
    2. Deploy accounts for your users.
    3. Migrate their data from your legacy IT server to Google APps.
    4. Create a primary Spanning Backup account, and perform all needed configuration.
    5. Setup a backup plan for your users, run a manual full backup to setup a starting point.

    What more can your IT need?
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